Pastor “Pro” Kriengkrai Supipatmolee received Jesus Christ as his Lord since 1987. He leads his life with Christ with incessant faith and simplicity. He holds a Master’s degree and has completed Bible Studies from two institutions.

Pastor Pro has a gift of Ministry. He received Christ’s characteristics of a Sheppard which is used as a model in caring for God’s sheeps. This impacted in numerous people coming to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Pastor Pro has been serving God within Bangkok and supporting other Churches outside of Bangkok for more than 26 years.

Following the call of the Holy Spirit, he is currently the Pastor of By Grace Church. He has the vision and desire to teach members of the church to live their lives in Christ with victory, and he supports the members to serve God according to their individual gifts and calls from God – so that the members receive blessings and joy in serving God.

Pastor Kriengkrai is married to Pastor Pimploy Supipatmolee – a lady with great ministerial heart. Everyone who has served God together with her loves her politeness, her smile, and her unique laugh. Her characteristics encourages people. She is often seen giving consultation to church members to live their lives with love and trust in God.

Pastor Kriengkraiand Pastor Pimploy had a son when they were at the age of 36. One day God gave them a vision of “the hands of God carrying and offering a newly born baby to them”. The Pastors therefore named their son “Hattarit” (Hands of Power) and nicknamed him “Victor”. In 2006, a Prophet named Cyndy Jacob, has prophesized that “This boy will grow up to be as King Josiah in serving God.”

The Pastor’s family has always aspires to “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”